Organic vs. Traditional Milk

So what's the difference between Sassy Cow Creamery organic and traditional milk?


Sassy Cow Creamery is in the unique situation of having both organic and traditional milk. Brothers James and Robert own and operate both dairy herds that supply milk to the creamery. We have 100% confidence in all of the milk we produce, organic or traditional. The bovine growth hormone (rBGH) has never been used on any of our cattle since we started to farm and will not be used in the future.


So what are the differences between the two and which one should I be buying? First off, the cows are treated with the same care and compassion at both farms.

The tools available for treating any health issues are different for each farm. As an organic herd, no antibiotics are administered to the cattle. In the traditional herd, if a health concern such as a swollen foot were to develop, we would use an antibiotic to cure the infection and reduce the swelling. The milk from that cow is withheld from the tank while she is being treated and then her milk is tested to be clear of any residue before her milk goes into the tank again.


The greatest difference between the two herds is the acreage the feed is grown on. The feeds grown for the organic herd are grown without the use of any herbicides or commercial fertilizers. The feed grown for the traditional herd is grown on acres that are treated to kill weeds. It is easiest to understand this if you think of your lawn and how you care for it. You can choose to care for your lawn using conventional or organic practices. The same applies for the crops grown to feed our cattle.


For you, the choice between traditional and organic milk comes down to your beliefs and personal preferences. Both milks are completely safe and nutritious. If you have chosen a lifestyle that includes organic products and practices, we fully support you. If organic isn't something that is important to you but still want to know where your milk comes from and are concerned about how those cows are cared for, we are committed to you as well.

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